Why Are MacBook Pros So Expensive?

There are many reasons to want a MacBook Pro. These laptops are highly lauded for their user-friendliness and incredible performance. Beyond that, they offer incredible longevity that you can’t find with many other devices. One big problem: MacBook Pros are extremely expensive, and it isn’t clear why.

1. MacBook Pros Have Extremely High-Quality Hardware

It’s hard to get a look inside your MacBook Pro when you’re protecting the incredible warranty. Still, even glancing at their internal and external design makes one thing clear: these computers are extremely well-designed.

Apple prides itself on using the highest-quality parts for even the low-end MacBook Pro models.

There are quite a few features that make MacBook Pros stand out from other laptops.

For example, the sleek chassis is constructed with carbon fiber and aluminum technology, making it significantly lighter and more durable than competing computers.

The computer is ergonomic and explicitly designed to be portable and user-friendly. 

All of the components inside the MacBook are powerful and high-end.

Hardware has been a focus of Apple for years, so much of the technology inside your MacBook Pro is essentially cutting-edge. Components like the GPU and CPU are all carefully crafted to deliver maximum performance.

The keyboard and the mousepad on it stand out as particularly amazing.

After noticing that the trackpads of many competing laptops were sluggish and resistant, Apple decided to develop a special glass with minimal resistance to use for their trackpads.

The keyboards are designed to be quiet, offering highly accurate entry and impressive durability.

MacBook screens are also made to a highly impressive degree of quality.

Considering that the screen is a part of the computer you’re always using, Apple knew that manufacturing MacBooks with quality screens would go a long way towards building their reputation.

As a result, they all have an impressively bright, color-accurate, and crisp display. 

2. MacBook Pros Have an Incredible Battery Life

Apple is dedicated to ensuring that its reputation for quality is reflected in every component of MacBook computers.

This holds true when you look at the MacBook battery, which offers a much longer battery life and significantly more efficient battery cycles than many other competing laptops. 

It’s not just the battery itself that’s quality. The components inside the MacBook Pro are designed to draw minimal power and use it with maximum efficiency, ensuring that the battery life lasts for as long as possible.

The components are designed not to heat up or draw excessive power, minimizing the risk of battery damage.

3. Apple Offers Incredible Customer Service

There’s no doubt that one of the best aspects of Apple products is the incredible customer service you receive for them.

If you purchase a MacBook, you can expect to enjoy all the aspects of its incredible full-coverage warranty, including 24/7 access to expert Apple technicians and cheap repair services.

In the long run, this can make owning a MacBook significantly less expensive than owning a Windows computer.

Every computer is bound to break eventually, and unfortunately, it can happen quite quickly with certain types of Windows laptops.

Between the durability of MacBooks and the incredible warranty you receive with them, you can expect to use one for at least a decade after purchase.

4. MacBooks Are More Secure Than Windows Computers

Apple products have a long-standing reputation for being much less susceptible to viruses and hackers than Windows computers.

And while cybercriminals have recognized the increasing popularity of Mac computers, the situation still mostly holds true to this day.

Simply put, the larger audience of Windows users is just more compelling to hackers.

Aside from the fact that MacBooks aren’t an optimal target for hackers, there are a few aspects of how the macOS operating system is built to deter exploitation.

For example, macOS is built on top of a Unix kernel, so it’s significantly harder to exploit than the Windows operating system.

Additionally, MacBook Pros come with a few built-in features that help keep your data secure.

Apple’s antivirus program, XProtect, comes pre-installed on every MacBook and defends your computer from malware and viruses.

They also include a program called Gatekeeper, which automatically scans files for malware as you’re downloading them and prevents the accidental installation of viruses. 

Inside the computer, the hardware components are also designed to be malware resistant.

MacBook hardware includes features like Secure Enclave, encrypting data before hackers can access it.

This is a clear advantage for Apple. Third-party manufacturers produce Windows computers, so it is less likely to offer the same level of security. 

Apple also pays close attention to what applications are marketed to users.

The Mac App Store is carefully maintained to provide users with useful programs without the risk of downloading viruses.

While this is a big time investment for the company, the Mac App Store is one of the most crucial steps Apple has taken to keep users safe from malware. 

5. MacBooks Are Designed To Be User-Friendly

MacBooks have a reputation as being one of the most user-friendly laptops on the market.

The impressive features and sleek design make it easy to see why.

The design effectively balances durability with portability, and as a result, it’s easy to take your MacBook in your bag without worrying about excess weight or damaging the device.

Once you’ve started using a MacBook, you’ll find that all of the operating system features are equally user-friendly.

Functions like browsing the web or editing files are extremely intuitive, even for users completely new to using computers.

And when you have to add new peripherals or bring your MacBook in for repair, you’ll find that the process is just as simple. 

6. MacBook Pros Come With an Impressive Warranty

The warranties offered by Apple are easily some of the best on the market.

When you purchase a MacBook Pro with a standard warranty, you’re guaranteed to receive one year of coverage for the laptop, battery, and power connector as long as you abide by the terms of the warranty. And it’s completely free.

If you purchase AppleCare+ for Mac, you can extend the duration of the warranty for much longer.

The extended AppleCare+ for Mac warranty can be purchased in a two-year term for a one-time fee or as a recurring monthly subscription.

With the extended warranty, you can expect complete coverage for damage with minimal service charges for certain types of damage.

The AppleCare+ for Mac warranty is designed to be versatile and user-friendly, with none of the unexpected snags that other companies use to leave users without solutions.

AppleCare+ is versatile, allowing you to request an on-site technician or mail or carry your computer to a qualified Apple store for service.

And since your computer is completely covered, you won’t face any obstacles when you’re requesting service.

Even in the case of accidental damage, AppleCare+ includes unlimited accidental damage protection that only includes a small service fee depending on what needs to be fixed.

Aside from the warranty itself, Apple offers an impressively thorough level of customer service that can make MacBook Pros more compelling than competing devices.

When you have an active warranty for your Apple device, you can expect to have 24/7 priority chat and phone contact with Apple experts for any of your tech support needs. 

7. MacBooks Offer Access to the Integrated Apple Ecosystem

If you’ve ever used an Apple Watch or iPhone, you’re probably familiar with how convenient the devices are.

This experience only improves when you have a MacBook since you can integrate all of the features of your other Apple devices with your new laptop.

For example, if you own an iPad, you can use it as a second display for your MacBook.

Using the integration features, you can easily transfer files between your MacBook and other Apple Devices and can even respond to iMessages from your computer. 

8. MacBook Pros Have an Excellent Resale Value

Lastly, one of the reasons that MacBook Pros are so expensive (even when used) is that they have an excellent resale value.

Due to the impressive longevity of the devices, even MacBook Pros that are several years old can be used for years to come. 

In fact, you can even find perfectly functional and high-performing models that are nearly a decade old. A rare feat for most other laptops.

This factors into why MacBook Pros are so expensive to buy, even when purchasing one new one. Apple simply produces quality devices. 

It’s clear from the healthy resale ecosystem that these quality devices continue to last and deliver incredible performance for years after they’re sold.

This builds their reputation and allows them to sell MacBooks for thousands of dollars comfortably, and it helps make customers feel comfortable paying that price.

Are MacBook Pros More Expensive Than Similar Laptops?

A MacBook Pro with cash next to it.

When you look at the upfront cost of purchasing a MacBook Pro, they do tend to be more expensive than similar computers.

MacBooks are built to last, however, and they can last twice as long as many competing computers while still delivering high performance. 

The software included in them also helps to make the investment worthwhile.

With a MacBook, an enormous suite of high-quality software for purposes like video and PDF editing comes pre-installed.

You won’t enjoy this same luxury when you purchase a Windows computer.

Suppose you want programs comparable to iMovie or Garageband on your Windows computer. In that case, you may spend significant money on top of your initial investment to get all the programs you need.

This can quickly make a MacBook the cheaper option.

Considering all these factors, it becomes clear that the high price is justified compared to similar computers.

Unlike many other laptops, these computers are built to last. When you consider MacBooks’ incredible quality and performance, it becomes clear that they’re actually extremely well-priced.

Are MacBook Pros Worth the Cost?

MacBooks are worth the cost. While purchasing one might be a huge up-front investment, you’ll quickly find it pays for itself.

MacBooks can deliver incredible performance for as long as a decade after purchase, and even if you run into an issue with your new MacBook, you can rely on one of Apple’s incredible warranties to fix it. 

Apple’s reputation for taking care of customers also makes a compelling case for purchasing a MacBook Pro.

As long as you abide by the terms of your device’s warranty, you can reasonably expect Apple to go out of its way to make sure you have a functional and high-performing device. 

Additionally, you may find that the cost of a MacBook Pro becomes worthwhile when you consider how much you’ll be using the device.

If you purchase a MacBook Pro for $1,500 and intend to use it for three years, it will only cost you $10 monthly — making it cheaper than many subscriptions!