Best Computer Mouse for Gamers and Designers

Looking for the best computer mouse for gaming or design work? Here are a few things to look for that may help you choose the perfect one.

First, there was a trackball mouse, then came optical and laser types. Other interesting types include inertial, gyroscopic, and even 3D mice.

For this particular recommendation piece, I will only be talking about an optical type mouse.

Here is the Best Computer Mouse for 2020

logitech g502 hero rgb top view - best computer mouse

Logitech G502 Hero (Wired) – This is my personal favorite. I use this mouse every day. I have bought one for home and my main job too.

Just be aware that this a right-handed mouse only. You can take a look at the mouse over here on Amazon.

Why I chose the Logitech G502 Hero mouse

I liked the precision that you get from it. When I’m using Photoshop or my favorite 3D design application, I can rely on the mouse to give me the finest movement when editing.

Please make sure that you are using a good quality mouse pad. Also, make sure the mouse and pad are kept clean. It makes a world of difference.


This mouse is capable of a 16000 DPI, making it one of the highest resolution mice on the market.

So, I don’t think you are going to have any complaints when it comes to its accuracy.

Well balanced

logitech hero rgb underside with weights

While I’ve never gone to the extreme of fine-tuning the distribution weights of the mouse, I didn’t find it necessary.

The movement is smooth and feels natural.


The weighted scroll wheel that is unlockable to spin freely, is fantastic for long documents. When you need to view a specific page and the index is not interactive, scrolling down quickly is easy.

All you do is press a button and the ratchet mechanism is released for the scroll wheel.

The button is very conveniently located just behind the scroll wheel.

The mouse wheel itself has an excellent finger roll grip. And because you can program all the buttons in whichever profile you choose, you can assign left and right scroll wheel tilt button commands.


The other thing I like is the grip material. The rubbery grip material around the mouse sides helps ensure that your hand is always secure.

I would caution anybody with really big hands actually to try the mouse first. You might not like the way you hold it seeing that it is a slightly narrower mouse.

Mouse button switches

In case you are wondering how loud the switches are on the mouse buttons, here is my take on it.

Compared to other mice I’ve had over the years, it’s pretty similar. It’s not noisy, nor especially quiet in any way.

spl meter over mouse while clicking it

I held an SPL meter above it to see how loud it was. I managed to get the clicks to an average of around 49.9dB.

Programmable buttons

With 11 programmable buttons, you should feel like you have a shortage of customizable buttons.

Being able to flick through different profiles, allows you to expand that count even further.

You can simply use the Logitech G Hub to easily select a button assignment.

Profile selector

There are up to five profiles that you can create. This allows you to create all the customizations you want and associate those settings with a profile.

You can rotate through those profiles by pressing the button behind the scroll wheel release button.

Sniper button or DPI shift

Some people love it, some people hate it, but what are you going to do?

I personally think it’s an excellent idea. You can set the DPI level when it gets pressed and held. Once you release it, the DPI returns to normal.

So how can this help? I find it useful using it as intended. Taking a snipe on an enemy in a game becomes easier if its set to reduce the DPI when held.

This means that the movement from your mouse is slower, allowing you to make a more accurate aim.

The other way I like to use it is with Photoshop or 3D design work. You can select a point with better accuracy without having to zoom in as much.

RGB Lighting (Lightsync RGB)

Colors on a mouse are always nice. But it delivers a little extra by allowing you to synchronize the lighting animations with other Logitech G devices, games or audio.

I find that lighting is easily missed on a mouse. Once your hand goes over it, the light is pretty much obscured.


I know that there are other mice on the market that can do some of these features I’ve mentioned, but I really like the way that Logitech presents them and allows changes with very easy-to-use software.

Although this mouse has a slimmer shape, I still find that it has a comfortable grip, despite having larger hands.

It is very reasonably priced for the features you get. In my opinion, it is a good value per dollar product considering how well all the features work.