We all need to access our programs and other shortcuts. The start menu has most of what we have on it. So this is how to open the start menu in Windows 10.

From this menu, we are able to run applications, change settings and even customize the size and it’s contents.

This is meant to be a quick how-to in order to open the Start Menu, so I’ll keep it brief and straight to the point.

Opening the Start Menu

start menu

Method 1 – Using your keyboard

Press and hold down your Windows key () and with another finger, tap ‘E’. Release the Windows key.

This is my personal favorite method, as it’s quick and doesn’t rely on much except having the keyboard connected.

Method 2 – Click the Windows Start Button

start button

By moving your mouse pointer over the Windows Start Button , (usually in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen), you can simply press the left mouse button to open it.

If you hover your mouse pointer over it, you will see a small label appear it called ‘Start’.

This is the commonly used method and is also one of my favorites.

How to resize the Start Menu

resize start menu

Open the Start Menu. Move your mouse pointer to hover over the top right corner of it. Press and hold your left mouse button while moving your mouse to resize it to the size and shape you want.

Pin programs to the Start Menu

pin program to start menu

Open your Start Menu. Move your mouse pointer over the program you want to be pinned inside it. Press the left mouse button.

Move your mouse pointer to hover over ‘Pin to Start’ and press the left mouse button.

Your program will now be pinned in the right pane of it.

Unpin program from Start Menu

unpin item from start menu

Arrange Programs in Start Menu

In the Start Menu, apart from being able to pin and unpin items, you can also arrange them too.

how to arrange programs in start menu

Move your mouse pointer to hover over the program you wish to arrange. Press and hold your left mouse button and move your mouse in order to move the program to the desired location. Release the left mouse button when you have your program in the desired location.

Rename groups

There are grouped areas in which you can group various programs based on your personal criteria.

click on group name

Hover your mouse pointer over the group label and press the left mouse button. You are now able to edit the label by editing the text.

rename group name

If a group doesn’t have a name yet, simply move your mouse pointer to hover over the area above the group. When your mouse pointer intersects with the unnamed label (you will see ‘Name group’ appear), press your left mouse button to enter a new name.


There are other methods of opening your Start Menu, but in all honesty, I don’t see the point of digging any deeper.

These two methods are effective and have served me well all throughout my computer career.