How to Edit Autofill on Firefox (Usernames and Passwords)

Apart from Chrome and Safari, Firefox is still quite popular for people using Windows 10. Autofill is an essential feature for any browser, but knowing how to edit autofill on Firefox, is important. I say this because it would be something most people would need to do at some point, in any browser.

To remove or edit usernames and passwords saved in Firefox, you will need to click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and select Logins and Passwords. Select the account on the left and remove or edit the associated account details to the right of it.

If this short answer wasn’t detailed enough for you, here is a complete step-by-step guide to help you edit or remove autofill information from Firefox.

autofill login details example empty fields

What is autofill?

Autofill is a feature in browsers that automatically add your saved login details to a website’s login page. This makes logging into your online account with any website almost effortless.

With Firefox Sync, your login information is saved in the cloud to give you some flexibility and safety when saving your passwords.

This means that you can log in to Firefox Sync with any new browser installation, and you will have instant access to all your login information for all your accounts.

Without autofill, you would have to manually type in your username and password into every login page, every time.

I don’t know about you, but unless I’m working on someone else’s computer, the thought of all those manual logins doesn’t sound like the right way to use technology in this modern age.

How to change or delete autofill login data from Firefox

1. Click on the menu icon ☰ in the top right-hand corner of Firefox.

2. Select Logins and Passwords.

open firefox menu then select logins and passwords

3. Select the account in the left pane that you wish to edit or delete.

Select Account to Edit or Remove for Autofill

From there, you can select Edit or Remove from the two options near the top-right.

Caution: Before considering removing any account autofill entries, make sure you have the correct login information. Once the item has been deleted, there is little hope of getting it back.

Once you click on the Edit option, you can change the username and the password for that account.

Don’t forget to click on Save Changes before closing the browser tab or window.

If you click on the Remove button, you will be asked if you want to remove it. Once you confirm that you want it gone, it will be permanently removed.

A safer and more flexible alternative to Firefox Autofill

There is a free alternative to Firefox’s autofill feature that stores your usernames and passwords in an encrypted vault in the cloud.

This way, you wont have to concern yourself with which browser you use, as it is compatible with most, but also allows you access to your vault via web browser page login.

It also has an app you can download for Microsoft Windows, Android and iPhone. So you aren’t limited to just a browser.

Once you have added the login information, it will autofill login details for you, just like Firefox or any other browser.

For me, not being locked down to one browser for login credentials for my online accounts gives me the freedom to use any browser I want, anytime, anywhere.

You can download it here: LastPass Password Manager for Firefox Addon (Free).


I’ve been using Firefox for many years. The autofill feature has been very useful in getting me logged into online website accounts without much effort.

But over time, as you change passwords or accounts, things can get a little mixed up. And that’s why I thought it best to demonstrate how you could edit or remove unwanted or incorrect login details.

I hope I have achieved my goal of doing just that. And as a result, that you keep enjoying the feature.