How to Adjust Time on Windows 10

In order for programs or even certain features to deliver the desired outcome, you need the correct time and date set on your computer. This article covers how to adjust the time on Windows 10 and the date, so you get a better experience with calendars, schedules, emails and more.

Our time and date are usually set to update itself from the internet. Unintentionally settings get altered, or perhaps some other reason could cause a failure for it to update. Either way, we will show you the easiest method of correcting your time and date settings.

Adjusting the time and date

1. Open Adjust date/time setting

click on adjust date time in menu

By right-clicking on the clock in the corner of your screen, a new menu will open. Left-click on ‘Adjust date/time’.

2. Open Additional date, time & regional settings

open additional date time and regional settings

Press the left mouse on ‘Additional date, time & regional settings’ in order to open it.

3. Left-click on Set the time and date

Left-click your mouse on the ‘Set time and date’ text link to open the Date and Time settings window.

4. Click on Change date and time

click on change date and time

Info Nibble: Make sure your time zone is correct. If it’s not, click on the ‘Change time zone’ button to choose the one.

Left-click on the ‘Change date and time’ button to open the window that allows you to adjust them.

5. Adjust date and time

Left-click on the left or right arrows next to the month and year in order to change the month and year.

Then click on the day you want as the current day.

Afterward, click on the hour or minutes, depending on which one you want to adjust.

Left-click on the ‘OK’ button when you are happy with the settings to save the adjustments.

How to adjust time and date using the Settings app

1. Open Adjust date/time setting

open adjust time and date setting

2. Turn off the ‘Set time automatically’ toggle switch

Left-click on the toggle switch under ‘Set time automatically’ to toggle the setting on or off. In order to be able to them, make sure it’s turned off.

Left-click on the ‘Change’ button.

3. Alter the time and date

set time and date

Once you have adjusted the time and date correctly, left-click on the ‘Change’ button to finish.


As you have seen, there are two main ways to adjust your time. One way is by changing it through the settings in the Control Panel. The other is through the Settings area.

Find out which way you prefer. One of these days, the Control Panel won’t be around anymore. But for now, you have a choice.