Can You Game Using A Threadripper CPU?

Threadripper processors are among the most impressive CPUs available, often used for demanding professional applications like 3D rendering. If your PC is equipped with a Threadripper, you might wonder about its gaming performance and whether it could potentially hinder your gaming experience.

Can You Game Using a Threadripper Processor?

You can game on a Threadripper processor because it provides ample power for optimal speed and performance. However, it may not match the efficiency of Ryzen or Intel CPUs specifically designed for gaming. Gaming on a Threadripper might result in lower GHz, which can reduce speed.

Performance Considerations

An AMD Threadripper can be used for gaming but isn’t the top choice for most gamers due to its cost and comparison to high-end gaming CPUs. However, it offers impressive performance compared to low-end CPUs.

  • Ebuyer reports that Threadrippers are often unnecessary for gaming since most games won’t utilize all the threads available. This results in underutilization of the processor’s potential.
  • Upgrading to a Threadripper won’t necessarily improve GPU performance. However, it can significantly enhance CPU performance if you’re currently using a low-end CPU.
  • While Threadrippers aren’t designed with gaming in mind, they can handle gaming tasks effectively. The primary downside is that you won’t achieve the best possible performance relative to the processor’s cost.

Is It the Best Processor for Gaming?

Threadrippers are not the best processors for gaming when compared to the Intel i9 and Ryzen 9. They lack the GHz and specific gaming optimizations found in these CPUs.

  • Threadrippers excel in multi-threaded professional applications but may be outperformed by gaming CPUs in terms of raw gaming speed and efficiency.
  • For casual gaming, a Threadripper will suffice, but for competitive gaming, other CPUs may provide better results.

Is a Threadripper Overkill for Gaming on a Computer?

A Threadripper might be considered overkill for gaming if you primarily play less demanding games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, or Hearthstone.

Cost vs. Performance

  • Threadrippers are more expensive and often have more capabilities than necessary for gaming.
  • If you already use a Threadripper for work, it will handle gaming adequately. However, buying one solely for gaming might not be cost-effective.

Key Considerations

  • Low-Graphic Games: For games with minimal graphical demands, a Threadripper is unnecessary.
  • Casual Gaming: For casual gamers, other CPUs offer similar performance at a lower cost.
  • Competitive Gaming: Threadrippers might not meet the performance needs of competitive gamers due to lower GHz and FPS compared to gaming-specific CPUs.

Can They Reduce Your Gaming Experience?

Threadrippers might reduce your gaming experience because they don’t offer the same GHz or FPS as other high-end gaming CPUs.

  • Make Use Of suggests comparing your CPU’s GHz to a Threadripper’s. If your current CPU has higher GHz, switching to a Threadripper might downgrade your gaming performance.
  • Threadripper cores are often slower individually compared to gaming processor cores, potentially reducing gaming speed.
  • For graphics-heavy games, the GPU plays a more significant role. If the game isn’t CPU-reliant, the difference might be negligible.

Is AMD Threadripper Better Than Ryzen Gaming CPUs?

The AMD Threadripper is not better than Ryzen gaming processors because it focuses on multi-tasking and professional applications rather than gaming performance.

Key Differences

  • Game Development vs. Game Playing: Threadrippers are better for game development, while Ryzen CPUs are better for gaming.
  • Overclocking: Ryzen gaming CPUs have superior overclocking capabilities, crucial for high-end gaming.
  • FPS Performance: Ryzen gaming CPUs generally offer better FPS than Threadrippers.

What To Know Before Using a Threadripper for Gaming

Before using a Threadripper for gaming, understand that they are not designed with gaming as the primary focus.

Important Considerations

  • Design Purpose: Threadrippers are built for multi-tasking and professional applications.
  • Update Frequency: Threadrippers are not updated as frequently as gaming CPUs.
  • Speed Comparison: Threadrippers might be slower than top-tier gaming CPUs in terms of GHz.
  • Cost Efficiency: Threadrippers might be overkill for average gamers due to their high cost.
  • System Compatibility: Ensure your other components (GPU, SSD) can match the Threadripper’s capabilities to avoid bottlenecking.


Threadrippers can handle gaming, but they are not the optimal choice for gaming-specific performance. They are powerful and versatile for professional applications, but for dedicated gaming, Ryzen or Intel gaming CPUs provide better value and performance. If you already have a Threadripper, it will suffice for most gaming needs, but it may not be the best investment solely for gaming purposes.

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