Best High-end Monitor for Gaming (And Productivity)

There are many different types of monitors on the market right now, but one, in particular, has won the hearts of millions of online gamers. Samsung’s Odyssey G9 is the top-tier monitor for gaming known for its sharp and out-of-the-world graphics.

A beautifully crafted design with curvature edges adds a cool touch to your gaming environment. The monitor is costly. However, at the cost, the kind of features you get makes it totally worth it.

Any serious gamers know that a gaming experience is not complete without a monitor that ticks all the right boxes. Fortunately, Samsung’s Odyssey G9 envelopes all the right goodies that gamers look for when shopping for an ultimate gaming monitor.

The build of Odyssey G9 is beautiful with a curvature that resembles the human eye. Compared to other monitors, the Odyssey G9’s radius deepens to a 1000R curve, meaning that the radius of a circle would be just 1000 centimeters. When playing games, indulge yourself in an immersive experience to experience yourself as part of the scenery.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Best High-end Monitor for Gaming (And Productivity) 1

The Odyssey G9 features a similar design as its previous model. However, this version’s cool part is that it uses the Quantum MiniLED technology — a new and improved evolution in the LED display technology that uses thousands of tiny light-emitting diodes. This, in turn, gives highly crisp and sharp image quality.

The monitor has dual DisplayPort inputs, a USB 3.0 hub, audio, and an HDMI port. If you want to make the best use of the monitor’s maximum resolution and refresh rate, use a display port with a DP1.4 compatible graphics card.

Samsung Odyssey G9 can fit a mid-sized desk and provides ultra-wide and ultra-high resolution specs.

Best High-end Monitor for Gaming (And Productivity) 2

Samsung Odyssey G9: Specifications

Here is a quick overview of the Samsung Odyssey G9’s specifications.

Product Description 
Weight31.1 pounds
Dimensions16.39 x 45.18 x 21.15 inches
Voltage100 – 240 Volts
USB Ports2
Screen Resolution5120×1440 Pixels
Screen Display Size48.7 Inches
Aspect Ratio32:9
Maximum Refresh Rate240 Hz

Samsung Odyssey G9: Features

Samsung Odyssey is the most immersive monitor on the market today. It offers various top-tier features that include high picture quality, a quick response time, and a dual QHD display.

Here are some of the significant features of the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor that make it one of the best high-end monitors for gaming on the market today.

Image Quality

Samsung Odyssey G9 comes with a pin-sharp image quality that provides the user an incredible experience while gaming. The monitor utilizes the Quantum Dot technology, which creates picture-perfect and vivid colors with 125% more color space than sRGB. With a maximum screen resolution of 5120×1440 pixels, you will experience high-class color production and image quality with every frame.

Due to the insane level of depth this monitor provides, you will discover an amazing out-of-the-world gaming experience. Samsung HDR 1000 allows you to see the games in the crisp and sharp resolution they are intended to be.


The monitor was created keeping aesthetics in mind which is why it has a curvy frame that incorporates sci-fi inspiration. The screen matches the curve of a human eye to give a natural experience without straining the eyes. The curve allows the entire screen to be an equal distance from your eyes so when you look around from one place to another, you don’t have to refocus your eyes. Because a gaming monitor takes up such an enormous part of your field of vision, it makes sense to have the edges curved this way.

The screen has a thick black band all around it. The back stand has a built-in headphone holder that you can pop off. There is RGB lightning on the back where the holder is attached to the screen. You can see multiple layers of acrylic shining through.


The 49-inch DQHD resolution is broad-shouldered and encompasses an area equal to two QHD monitors or two 27” panels placed side by side. It has a 5120 x 1440 panel which is pretty common in a gaming display, but what makes this monitor more unique is this size of a panel at a 240Hz refresh rate with VESA DisplayHDR 1000 Certification. This provides a spectacular HDR experience that you can wish for in a perfect monitor.

The huge size is one of the factors that justifies the price of this monitor. Enthusiastic gamers prefer one large and enveloping screen, compared to multiple smaller screens that make it hard to navigate.

When you have a super huge monitor, many games such as CS: GO can shrink your vertical view rather than increase your horizontal view. Also, depending on how well a particular game supports a widescreen format, you will see a different degree of stretching in your peripheral view. You can always fix that to some extent by changing the FOV of the game.

It has also helped with productivity. I can drag and place several windows around to work on them quite comfortably at the same time. This really takes away the need for multiple displays and moving apps or browser windows around is seamless.


Samsung Odyssey G9 offers a very wide color gamut. The gamut stays balanced throughout the display experience. It can cover about 90% of the gamut in cinema mode, reaching towards red tones and staying undersaturated in greens. As mentioned earlier, thanks to the QLED panel that creates 125% more color space compared to sRGB resulting in eye-piercing color resolution and brightness.

The monitor uses RGB as the output color format which means that you won’t see any kind of chroma subsampling that can possibly affect the readability of the text.

In games like Tomb Raider, you will be able to see super bright areas of the image, such as the sky on a sunny day, and there will be no loss of details even in minor areas such as shadows — a typical expectation from an HDR gaming experience.

Response Time

In gaming, timing is crucial. Each second can make a huge difference when you are battling against the enemy. Samsung Odyssey G9’s quick and efficient response time of 1ms allows you to see the frame when it is happening, without any delay. This rated response time provides the color accuracy you can expect from an outstanding gaming monitor with a QLED panel (quantum dot).


Of course, the most significant and common use of the Odyssey G9 is gaming and video streaming. Many factors amount to a perfect gaming experience. To name a few, smooth action and a high resolution are factors that can make a huge difference.

Super-ultra, super-wide Samsung Odyssey G9 240Hz provides an amazing and smooth action during games, especially battle games such as Counter-Strike. You won’t notice any screen tearing or movement in the game’s objects and components, rather a firm and crystal clear image resolution.

The QHD Wide 1440p provides a crisp and clean image with bright and vivid colors. You will see fine details in artifacts such as fire, clouds, and grass. Even the skin tones and weather conditions look natural and sharp.

All of which combine to an excellent reason to get your Samsung Odyssey G9 today!

Samsung Odyssey G9: Pros and Cons

Every product on the market comes with its own pros and cons. While we have discussed some pros of this monitor, we will summarize a few points and mention a couple of cons.


  • Crisp, sharp, and bright images provide an ultimate HDR gaming experience.
  • QLED panel and 1ms response time provide color accuracy and allow you to see each frame in real-time.
  • Wide range of color gamut with no chroma subsampling.
  • The 49-inch screen is equal to two 27 inch monitors. The humongous horizontal screen with curvature provides an out-of-the-world gaming experience.
  • The only monitor with VESA DisplayHDR 1000 Certification.
  • Incorporates Full G-Sync and FreeSync Pro support.
  • Features quantum MiniLED technology.


  • The brightness levels do not rise above 700cd/m2. While playing games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Final Fantasy XV, gamers may want a bright screen exposure, sometimes as bright as 1000cd/m2, and the Odyssey doesn’t shine to that level.
  • Due to the screen’s curvature, when viewing 3D games in a 32:9 aspect ratio, viewers may notice the edges getting warped. However, you will not notice this warping in 2D games.

Don’t get caught out by the service USB port

Best High-end Monitor for Gaming (And Productivity) 3
Caution: The USB service port is closer to the rear edge of the monitor

When I first received this monitor, I tried to upgrade the firmware using the USB port at the back. I totally missed the USB port located in front of the normal USB port.

I tried several different USB flash drives, firmware files, and different ways to prepare the USB drive. Nothing worked. That is until I plugged it into the correct port to update the firmware.

If you purchase this monitor and wish to do a firmware upgrade, I may have saved you some time by avoiding this, ahem, common mistake.


The Samsung Odyssey G9 is an ultra-wide and ultra-high-resolution monitor that has made huge waves and created a buzz among gamers. At $1,329.99, it offers a fulfilling gaming experience that most serious gamers look for. The humongous 49-inch screen with curvature is not just aesthetically pleasing but also provides an immersive gaming experience.

The Full G-Sync and FreeSync Pro support match each frame from your graphics card to give you a seamless and crisp view.

Compared to its G7 cousin, which is only VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified, the G9 is the only monitor in the market that is VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certified.

And I have to add and it has delivered a very immersive gaming experience. After playing some games with my previous monitor, it changed the experience so much that I had to replay some of my favorite titles with this extraordinary monitor.

All in all, if money is not a drawback, this monitor can truly change your gaming experience. Should you buy the Samsung Odyssey G9? Do we think it’s worth the hype to be the best high-end monitor for gaming? Yes, and Yes again. Get yours now!