Recommended Computer Products

I have spent many hours either researching or testing computer products. The recommended computer products on this website have been tested by myself.

I choose my personal computer products carefully and I will soon admit when something doesn’t live up to the price.

So, you won’t see a ton of products on this page, I will only list the special items that I have tried and tested and that I think is worthy of your time and money.

I love gaming, programming and more, so I can give you my personal opinion based on the products I use personally.

My personal list of recommended computer products

Recommended Computer Products 1

Best computer mouse

I share my personal favorite mouse of time. It has been well tested and compared with quite a few other mice on the market.

Take a look at which one I recommend.

Recommended Computer Products 2

Best all-round keyboard

A keyboard is what allows you to interact with your computer when you are wanting to type up an email, write a letter, or simply search for something online.

So it is important you enjoy the feel of those keys and enjoy a great design that enhances your typing experience and speed.

I share which one I think is the perfect all-round keyboard for everyone to enjoy.