How to Repeat YouTube Videos (Permanent Method)

If you are wanting to know how to repeat YouTube videos, you’re in the right place. Here is the best method that I could find making it the easiest and the most hassle-free.

This is a permanent solution and won’t need anything from you in the future. I have also included a couple of other methods in case you find the recommended method, not to your taste.

Repeat any YouTube videos

how to repeat youtube videos
  1. Download and install a browser plugin. For the Chrome browser: YouTube Repeat Button and for Firefox: Simple YouTube Repeater.
  2. Follow the plugin installation instructions (if any) and go to YouTube.
  3. Click on the repeat button in the control panel at the bottom of your video you wish to repeat.

After the plugin has been installed, you will always have a loop button available on YouTube. For as long as the plugin remains installed that is.

Alternate method 1

If you aren’t a fan of installing a plugin into your browser for some reason, try this method.

  1. Open and play your YouTube video.
  2. Right-click your mouse anywhere on the video itself.
  3. Left-click on ‘Loop’.

This is not a permanent method, so if you don’t mind right-clicking on a video each time to enable the loop or repeat, it may be an option.

Alternate method 2

This way makes use of a separate website containing YouTube’s collection of videos.

  1. Go over to ListenOnRepeat.
  2. Search for your video.
  3. Select your video to play.
  4. Any video that plays on the site will automatically be looped.

Alternate method 3

This is another website that takes care of the replay for you.

  1. Visit TubeReplay.
  2. Copy the URL from the YouTube video you want.
  3. Paste the URL into the URL box on TubeReplay and left-click on the ‘Replay’ button next to it.


It makes sense to add the missing feature if you can, instead of spending time on other methods. With this in mind, the plugin method seems to be the most practical option.

I hope that this article provides the perfect solution you were looking for in order to loop your YouTube videos.

If I come up with any more methods that I think will be worth it, I’ll most certainly add it to this page.