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Welcome to Computer Info Bits. This website is here to help you grow your knowledge by providing you with computer help and tutorials.

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If you are new to computers, we might suggest you start with the basics. Just click on the category that interests you the most to see the list of articles related to the category.

How We Provide Computer Help

This site contains lots of tutorials to help you overcome common struggles with computers. Most of the tutorials are step by step and easy to follow.

With easy to follow guides you can learn more about computers until you reach a point where learning more becomes natural and easy.

Computer Help Categories

computer help basics
The Basics

How to’s in order for you to do all the basic tasks in Windows.

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media art
Handling Media

We show you how to alter files or how you view media on your computer.

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system gears
System Tweaks

Make Windows customized to your liking. Tips to get Windows set up the way you like.

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Featured articles

film playing video

Play any video file on your computer

Some video files don’t play in Windows contrary to what you would expect. This article shows you how to set up a codec pack, so you can play them all.

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microsoft office icons

Install a free alternative to Microsoft Office

f you have recently discovered that your computer doesn’t have a copy of Microsoft Office installed, here is a free alternative that does the job. Create and edit Excel sheets, Word documents and everything else Office has to offer.

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how to reduce laptop heat

How to reduce laptop heat

Laptops are compact and delicate. The last thing you want is to have your precious machine overheating. We cover some action steps you can take in order to keep your laptop cool and working for a long time.

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