Install And Use Windows 10 Without The Internet

To install and use Windows 10 without an internet connection, you’ll need to prepare thoroughly to ensure a smooth installation and functionality once offline.

Important: This procedure involves deleting partitions or formatting drives, make sure you have backed up everything before proceeding!

How to Prepare And Install

1. Prepare Installation Media

2. Set Up the Installation Device

  • Insert your installation media into the offline computer.
  • Access BIOS settings (using keys like Del or F2) to set the USB or DVD drive as the primary boot device, or use the boot menu key (often F12) for a one-time boot change.

3. Initiate the Installation Process

  • Restart the computer and boot from the installation media.
  • Choose “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” for a fresh install. Delete existing partitions if necessary, creating new ones as required, and proceed with the installation.

4. Configure Windows 10 Setup

  • During setup, select the option to proceed without internet if prompted to connect to a network.
  • Customize your settings and create a local account instead of a Microsoft account.

Post-Installation Steps

1. Update Windows 10 Offline

  • Periodically, download updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog on another computer with internet access, transfer them via USB, and install them on your offline machine.

2. Install Essential Applications

  • Download the necessary software on another computer and transfer the installers via USB. Install them on the Windows 10 machine by running the executables from the local drive.

3. Address Dependency Requirements

  • If specific software requires additional frameworks like .NET, download these on another computer and install them offline in the same manner.


Setting up Windows 10 without an internet connection can be challenging but manageable with proper preparation. By ensuring that you have all necessary installation files and updates available offline, you can maintain a functional and up-to-date system even without direct internet access. Remember, regularly check for essential updates and software needs to keep your system running smoothly and securely.

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