Windows 10 Education Vs Pro

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system for millions of customers around the globe. It comes in a few variants, including Pro and Education. These variants have different features and advantages, so which is the best fit for you? 

Education and Pro Compared

Windows 10 Education comes with specific features that benefit educators and students, while Pro is designed for professionals of all types. Education is effectively a variant of Pro that is equipped with education-specific default settings and without Cortana.

Windows Versions Education vs Professional.

Basic similarities

While there are differences between Windows 10 Education and Pro, they have much in common. This is a result of the fact that Education is a variant of Pro.

Here are a few similarities between the Windows 10 Pro and Education editions:

  • Maximum physical memory.
  • Maximum CPU cores and sockets.
  • Family safety and parental controls.
  • Hardware device encryption.
  • Mobile device management.
  • Windows analytics.
  • Data protection.

These are just a few fundamental similarities between both Microsoft Windows 10 editions.

Both of these systems are equipped with the same basic features and many of the same added features. They only differ in a few areas and features. 

Windows 10 education symbolized by a window drawn on a blackboard.

Pros and cons of Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is an edition designed for schools and universities. It has specific settings and features that provide educators and students with a convenient, secure, and streamlined experience. 

Education specific settingsFewer tips from Windows
App lockerCortana disabled 
Enhanced security features

The pros

Here are some of the advantages of Windows 10 Education.

Education-specific settings

One of the significant benefits of Microsoft Education is that it comes with education-specific settings. This can save you a lot of time if you’re using Microsoft in school or college. Schools and colleges often request that students change specific Windows Home or Pro settings.

This can take up much time when taking on new students, as configuring their laptops with the school system can lead to issues. Microsoft developed Windows Education to solve this issue. Because of the education-specific settings, schools can now seamlessly add new students to their system without complications. 


The next significant advantage to using Microsoft Education is the AppLocker feature, which is unique to Windows Education. The admin for the Microsoft Education account will be able to lock and unlock apps at their discretion. Educators can block out potentially harmful content, games, and other distractions.

Students will be less likely to get distracted while working on assignments. This will lead to an increase in productivity, which can boost students’ grades. This feature also allows schools with small children to use computers as teachers can block unsuitable content. 


Windows 10 Education is undoubtedly cost-effective and much cheaper than Pro. As a result, Windows Education is an affordable option for students who can’t afford Home or Pro. Please refer to my other article, how to get Windows 10 free as a student, to know more.


The next feature that comes as standard in Windows Education is BranchCache. It’s for users on a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. BranchCache will store some of the data used locally instead of constantly communicating with the central server. The server will work better as a result.

Additionally, BranchCache will improve efficiency and internet speeds for a WAN connection. This is a significant benefit for large schools and universities as they will likely have thousands of devices on their internet anytime. 

Enhanced security features

Windows Education has two enhanced security features: credential protection and endpoint detection and response. Credential protection is a credential guard. Visualization-based security isolates single sign-in users. As a result, only the privileged can access specific files or accounts. 

Endpoint detection and response monitor behaviors and activities on Microsoft Education accounts. This system uses analytics and computer learning to identify and investigate potential security threats. It’ll then attempt to resolve any issues detected. 

The cons

Now, let’s explore the cons of the Microsoft Windows Education edition. 

Fewer tips from Windows

Users will receive far fewer Windows Education tips and tricks than other editions. Windows Education makes more periodic recommendations on changes and improvements. It also has less guidance on how to use different programs effectively

Cortana disabled

The most significant difference between Windows Education and Pro is that Cortana is disabled in Microsoft Education. Cortana is Microsoft’s personal productivity assistant. It helps you to save time and focus on what matters most. It also comes equipped with voice activation for maximum convenience. 

This feature is disabled on Windows Education; however, this setting can be adjusted so users can use Cortana. 

Pros and cons of Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro has many fantastic advantages that professionals can use to operate Windows conveniently and efficiently.

Check out the table below for the pros and cons of using Windows 10 Pro. 

2 TB RAMUpgrade Issues
Client Hyper-V FeatureUser Interface
Domain JoinUnsuitable for devices with low storage
Remote DesktopThe settings app
Cortana EnabledMissing Features

The pros

There are many excellent advantages to using Windows Pro. Here are a few key benefits when using it for your business. 


Windows 10 Pro greatly boosts Random Access Memory, or RAM for short. Windows Pro can be fitted with up to 2TB of RAM, which is more RAM than you will ever likely need. As a result, you’ll receive effectively endless amounts of RAM. 

Client Hyper-V feature

Another great advantage of Windows Pro is paying extra to install the Client Hyper V feature. This feature enhances the operating system, so you can go the extra mile. This feature assists with hybrid and hardware visualization in the data centers, ensuring proper emulation of the available resources. 

Domain join

Domain Join is another great benefit of Microsoft Pro, as it allows you to access any local domain with crucial devices linked to a single network. You can manage each workstation on the domain to fit your business policies and procedures.

This feature is a fantastic organizational tool that allocates jobs and assigns roles to each team member. Once up and running, Domain Join can save you a lot of time and hassle by providing you with a useful organizational tool. The improved organization will enhance productivity, leading to more profits for your business. 

Remote desktop

Another fantastic bonus you receive when installing Windows Pro is the remote desktop feature. This feature allows you to quickly and effectively manage the IT aspects of your business. You can access different computers within the same local domain with this feature. This makes your IT admin significantly easier and more convenient. 

Remote desktop also allows you to access other computers without visiting the device. This will save you tremendous time and hassle when managing your IT, as you’ll never have to leave your desk, go to another employee’s desk, and address their IT issue. 

So, the remote desktop feature is a very convenient tool for large businesses.

Business tools

Windows Pro was designed with professionals in mind; it should be no surprise that it’s equipped with various tools that make running your business easier. 

The Group Policy Management System will grant you granular control over workstations. You can also use the Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer and Assigned Access to manage and run your business efficiently. 

Cortana enabled 

Cortana is a convenient tool that Microsoft describes as a personal productivity assistant. It has numerous features that can save you time and hassle. It assists with prioritizing tasks, time management, and scheduling. Cortana can maximize your business’s efficiency and effectiveness, increasing profits. 

However, Cortana is not enabled for Windows Pro in all countries, but it’s available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

The cons

While there are many fantastic benefits to choosing Microsoft Pro, there are also a few drawbacks. Here are just a few of the cons that come with Windows Pro.

Upgrade issues 

Users have reported issues with Windows Pro when it comes to installing upgrades. Complaints vary across numerous issues relating to downloading and installing updates. Updates can be automatically installed with Pro, leading to severe disruptions to your business if there are any issues during the automatic update.

Problems are common when updating Windows Pro, and it can put it out of action inconveniently. 

Microsoft has resolved many of the issues mentioned by users, but some problems may still arise while upgrading. Some of the reported issues include:

  • The upgrade process won’t be complete.
  • Hardware and software compatibility issues.
  • Activating the operating system.

Not being able to activate the operating system can lead to annoying messages and important features that are disabled. In my other article, you can read more about the disadvantages of not activating Windows 10.

User interface

Another common complaint of Windows Pro users is the user interface. The updated operating system has improved the user interface but is still incomplete. Older Windows Pro versions will have a lot of bugs and other inconveniences. Newer versions will have fewer bugs, but it’s still imperfect. 

You can also miss out on exciting new features with the user interface. 

Unsuitable for devices with low storage

One major drawback of Windows Pro is that it can be unsuitable for computers with low storage capacity. Users must pay extra for devices with ample built-in storage to prevent issues. Devices with low storage can’t use external storage to free up space on their device. This is in part due to the next issue, the setting app. 

The Settings App

The settings app is a significant flaw in Windows Pro. This app was designed to replace the control panel function; however, the Settings App is incomplete. As a result, you’ll have to jump between the Control Panel and Settings App to adjust and configure settings on your computer. This is majorly inconvenient and time-consuming.

Since the settings app is incomplete, some features don’t work effectively or are missing altogether. This causes bugs and issues in different aspects of Windows Pro, including adding extra storage space on devices with low storage capacity. 

Launch of Windows as a service

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows as a service. As a result, Microsoft will no longer be releasing any significant upgrades to Windows Pro. This is disheartening news for Windows Pro users hoping for bugs to be fixed in the future. 

Unfinished aspects of Pro, such as the settings app or operating systems, may never be completed. This means that Microsoft may never fix many of the issues currently. 

Missing features

Last but not least on the list of issues with Windows Pro is the missing features. Two specific parts are missing from these editions: DVD playback and Media Center. This can be a significant drawback if you need to use these features for your business.

When parts are missing from your Windows edition, it can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially when paying a premium price for Pro. 

On the flip side, free apps like VLC are excellent media players that can be downloaded and installed with codecs and can play your DVDs as originally intended within moments.