Windows 10 Education for Gaming: Is It Any Good?

Windows 10 Education is an operating system that works similar to Windows 10 but is used by schools and educational institutions by their students and staff. Windows 10 Education has many benefits for education, and it works just as well as the standard version of Windows 10, even for gaming.

You can use Windows 10 Education for gaming, and it has all the same features as Windows 10. So you can game just as you would on Windows 10. Moreover, this version of Windows offers additional security features that keep you and your computer safe while you game, and it is also better than Mac and Linux.

This article will detail what Windows 10 Education is, what versions exist, and how it works for gaming.

I’ll also compare a few alternatives and tell you about their advantages and disadvantages.

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What Is Windows 10 Education?

Windows 10 Education is a program that helps schools provide Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices to their students. In addition, schools can buy Windows 10 Education in bulk for everyone at the institution, including teachers, staff, administrators, and students.

Windows 10 Education is designed to make students more productive. So, it has some different features compared to other Windows versions.

For example, there are no distracting pop-ups or advertisements that will distract students from their work.

Additionally, Windows 10 Education comes with the option to buy devices for students and school staff at a discounted price. Schools can choose from various devices, including laptops, tablets, and two-in-ones, depending on what will best suit their programs.

Another benefit for schools with Windows 10 Education is that it comes with Microsoft 365 Education, which includes all Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for students, teachers, and staff. 

When a school uses Windows 10 Education, they are provided with many resources to help keep the devices and systems running smoothly.

In addition, there are resources for teachers and staff in the Microsoft Education Center that help them teach students how to use Windows and their devices. 

If students want to activate Windows Education on their own, they may download the software for free, depending on the school or university they attend.

To see if you get a free activation key, log on to On The Hub and enter your school’s information. Teachers may also be eligible for a discount, but they do not receive a full discount. 

Finally, Windows 10 Education has secure programs to keep students safe and the schools’ private information protected.

As a result, the security is much better than other Windows 10 versions, which is a huge benefit for educational institutions, especially with so many people using their systems.

Windows 10 Pro Education vs. Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10 Education is geared toward use in schools and other educational settings. Both of these operating systems come with security features in standard versions of Windows 10. However, they also have special features for K-12 schools.

Let’s explore the differences a bit more. 

Windows 10 Pro Education

Windows 10 Pro Education is an extension of Windows Pro but with education-specific settings. For example, on Windows 10 Pro Education, the voice assistant Cortana does not come installed.

There are also no device tips, and the Microsoft Store’s recommended applications and program notifications are all turned off to increase productivity among students. 

To use Windows 10 Pro Education, you will need a device running Windows 10 and a special license to transform the system to Windows 10 Pro Education.

Some of the main features of Windows 10 Pro include enhanced security, access to cloud technology, and extra mobile productivity options. 

Windows 10 Pro works on PCs, tablets, and two-in-ones, which are all great for schools and educational institutions with various devices for their students.

Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is an extension of Windows Enterprise but with education-specific settings.

Like the Pro version, the voice assistant Cortana is removed on most devices, the device tips are removed, and Microsoft Store does not recommend applications and programs. Everything else is essentially the same as Windows Enterprise.

Some of the main features of Windows 10 Enterprise include features geared toward large organizations, like schools, increased security threat protection, and an enhanced program and application management system.

There is also an upgrade deployment program that allows schools to roll out new features at their own pace, making it easier for them to get their students and staff adapted to upgrades.

How is Windows 10 Education different from Windows 10?

The most basic version of Windows 10 is called Windows Home, but it is usually just referred to as Windows 10. Windows 10 Education has more features.

In addition to everything in Windows 10, Windows 10 Education comes with group management, a remote desktop, and a screen control option. It also features a directory that allows the school’s management to log on to all devices or applications and access the Microsoft Business Store for extra functionality.

As for security, Windows 10 Education comes with added features such as data protection, device guard, and credential guard. 

It is easy to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Education with the licensing, and the added features make it well worth it for educational institutions.

Can I get Windows 10 Education for gaming?

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You can game on Windows 10 Education, just as you can on the standard version of Windows 10 Home. There is little difference between the two, so most people will not notice a difference between the two operating systems. 

Gaming on Windows 10 Education is convenient if you get the operating system through your school or institution.

You will not have to pay for the software, and you can download and play your games with no significant issues compared to Windows 10 Home. 

Regular apps that work on Windows 10 Home are also compatible with Windows 10 Education.

The only exception is if your school restricts certain apps. In that case, you will need to get permission from your system administrator.

A downside to gaming on Windows 10 Education is that you can only use it on your school’s device.

The device could be a laptop or a tablet which are usually not optimal for gaming—instead of a desktop computer which many gamers prefer. 

The device that you use is a matter of personal preference, but if you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to get a different operating system on a more powerful computer.

Alternatively, you can try to hook up or cast your laptop or tablet screen to a larger display. 

Alternatives to Windows 10 Education for gaming

There are three main alternatives to Windows 10 Education for gaming: Windows 10 Home, Mac iOS, and Linux.

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home is the standard edition of Windows 10, which is installed on most personal computers.

This version of Windows is what comes with your device. While it is very similar in features to Windows 10 Education, it has many benefits for gamers.

First, Windows 10 can connect to various online gaming servers, and it lets you install offline games.

You will also be able to connect to your Xbox account and play games on Windows 10.

If you are not buying a new Windows device but want to upgrade your current one, Windows 10 home is affordable, and you can use it on most PCs that are not completely outdated.

In addition, Windows 10 Home has many new features and gaming benefits that gamers will appreciate, like fast speeds, more storage abilities, and a sharper display. 

Part of these features will depend on the type of computer and display that you have. But if you are an intense gamer, pairing Windows 10 Home with a high-quality computer will give you a great gaming experience that is hard to beat with other operating systems.

Mac iOS

Some people prefer Mac over Windows for various reasons, including personal preference and compatibility with other Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. Whatever the reason, Mac iOS can work for gaming, too. 

Mac computers have some of the best displays out there, which will greatly enhance your game playing experience. Plus, the display settings like brightness and scale are easy to adjust if necessary.

One downside of iOS is that you need a Mac, which is more expensive than a PC. 

As another disadvantage, there is a limited number of Apple models to choose from. With Windows, you have a huge variety of laptops, desktops, and two-in-ones from various brands.

With Mac, you only have a few options, and if you want a certain feature or do not like another, you do not have many alternatives.

Finally, Macs are not optimized for gaming. So, if you are looking for a computer solely for gaming, a Mac may not be best, but it is great for a computer that you use for gaming alongside other use cases. 


Linux is another operating system that can be used for gaming, although it is not nearly as popular as Windows or Mac.

The biggest upside to Linux is that it is free, and you can download it on nearly any computer.

Thus, many people who enjoy the technical side of gaming find Linux useful, but others will prefer Windows.

Linux does not have customer support like Windows since it is not built by a commercial company, unlike how Microsoft develops Windows. But, there are a lot of online resources that help you solve common problems.

Alternatively, you can ask questions on Linux forums. Linux users are usually very passionate about the operating system, so they are willing to help others use it.

There are also no built-in antivirus programs on some versions of Linux. While some versions of Linux like Fedora and Ubuntu include antivirus software, others do not, so you will need to install your own antivirus software.

Technical users typically use Linux since it has certain features that Windows lacks. These features include more options for modifying the operating system, which many tech-savvy individuals like to have.

In addition, people familiar with Linux can use the flexibility in the system to change settings and make them more adaptable to gaming or change them to suit their personal preferences.

If you choose to use Linux for any reason, you will not have a bad gaming experience, but some online game programs can have issues when used on Linux.

For example, some popular gaming platforms like Origin and net can work on Linux, but they are only officially made for Mac and Windows.

Moreover, there can be bugs or slowdowns that can distract or delay your gaming.

Windows 10 vs. Mac vs. Linux

Windows 10 has many gaming advantages compared to Mac and Linux, so many gamers think it is the best operating system. 

What are some of those advantages? 

First, the Microsoft Windows Store is not available on Mac or Linux, which means you won’t have access to the exclusive games on the Microsoft Store.

If you like to try new games or play with friends with Windows-exclusive games, you will benefit from having a Windows device.

In addition to the games on the Microsoft Windows Store, over 20,000 games work on Windows.

The Windows game library is much larger than the 7,000 games compatible with Mac and the 4,000 games with Linux. (Source: Gaming Scan)

While some people prefer Mac or Linux for gaming, Windows developers create the operating system with gamers in mind, whereas Mac and Linux are less geared toward gamers.

Windows has a lot of customization options that gamers will find useful. Many Windows PCs are gaming computers, which means that they are made for gaming. 

Gamers benefit from customizing their displays, computer settings, and other features, which Mac lacks compared to Windows.

As for Linux can perform just as well as Windows, but not as consistently, depending on the version you have installed.

In addition, if you are playing online or need high responsiveness, Linux can make your gaming experience frustrating. 

Finally, Windows 10 and iOS have a more robust support team. So, if a bug is affecting your computer, you can expect a quick update.

Unfortunately, the fast response isn’t available on Linux since they do not focus on gaming.

Windows 10 Education gaming accessories

Gaming with Windows 10 Education is already better than some other operating systems. But you can make your experience even better with a few cost-effective accessories. 

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 Education works well for gaming since it runs very similar to the standard Windows 10 home.

It also has better security features and will cost you nothing if your educational institution provides you with it. 

Windows 10 Education has thousands of more games than other operating systems, and many accessories enhance your gaming experience even further.

Using Windows 10 Education for gaming is a great way to reap the benefits of Windows 10 while not paying anything extra since your school or institution provides the operating system.