IT Consultancy Services And More

Spelialized IT development and customized solutions.

What We Do

We Offer Specialized IT Consultancy Services

These services are our primary area of focus.

Software Development

Specializing in C# and WPF, we can develop custom applications that meet your needs.

Computer Repair

If you need any computer repair for hardware or operating systems, we can help.

Custom Electronics Solutions

We design and create electronic solutions for any application. Solving problems is one of our passions.

A One-Stop Group Of Services

Combining Software and Electronics in One Service

Often, developing software solutions on its own usually isn’t enough. Providing project solutions that offer a complete answer to IT tasks or product requirements means that you don’t have to deal with multiple companies and then have to deal with the integration tasks.

An abstract design of computer code.
An example of a PCB without components.
An electronics workstation with test equipment.

With Over 20 Years Of Experience

I am dedicated to creating products or providing services that meet the demands of businesses that require specialized technical solutions.
Marlo Strydom