How to Switch Between Programs in Windows 10 (3 Methods)

One of the wonderful aspects of working on a computer is multitasking. Knowing how to switch between programs in Windows 10 is essential in maintaining an uninterrupted workflow.

Microsoft Windows has made it easy for us to switch between programs. By simply using keyboard shortcuts or a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly view and change any program.

Switching between programs in Windows 10

Here we will cover the most common ways you can switch between programs.

The most common method is presented first and thereafter, other methods that you can choose from that will suit you the best. This list is no particular order.

1. Switch programs using the Alt + Tab shortcut keys

  1. Press and hold down the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard.
  2. Tap the ‘Tab’ button. Each time you tap the ‘Tab’ button, you will sequentially select programs that are currently running as long as you keep the ‘Alt’ pressed down.
  3. Tap the ‘Tab’ key until you have selected the program you want to switch to.
  4. Let go of the ‘Alt’ key. Your program will now be selected.

Alternatively, keeping the ‘Alt’ key down after the first ‘Tab’ button press allows you to select the program by left-clicking your mouse pointer on it.

Tip: A layout will be displayed of all the programs that you can select, so you can easily see which program you are going to select when releasing the ‘Alt’ key.

2. Using Windows + Tab shortcut keys

Press and hold down the ‘Windows Key’ on your keyboard and tap the ‘Tab’ key, then release the ‘Windows Key’.

Now you can left-click your mouse on any program you wish to switch to. Every window that is currently available will be brought forth for you to view all at once.

Once you have left-clicked on the desired program, it will be brought up and ready for you to work with it.

3. Select the program from the taskbar

Any program that you have running on your computer will have its icon displayed in the taskbar. Left-click your mouse on the icon to restore the program to view.

If it’s a program that has multiple windows open, you will be able to view the list of windows by left-clicking your mouse on the icon.

Select the specific window by left-clicking on it.


These are the most common ways you can switch between programs in Windows 10. Find the way you are most comfortable with and before you know it, you will be switching between programs like a pro!