About Computer Info Bits

Here is a little more about our vision and why we started this website.

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Our Mission

This website is dedicated to teaching everyone how to become more familiar with computers. We are best known to provide step-by-step tutorials and how-to articles to help everyone with all aspects of computers.

“We want to help everyone become comfortable using a computer.”

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Our Story

We bought the domain name computerinfobits.com in 2018. Slowly we started adding articles, and visitors started to appear about 9 nine months later.

Now, we continue to find articles people need that you won’t often find in a search online.

All of the articles are written from years of first-hand experience. Currently, Marlo is the article writer, although others sometimes get involved with the maintenance of the website, depending on time constraints.

As time goes by and we get more visitors, we would like to continue running some advertising to help pay for the website host fee and some courses that we would love to put together later.

Meanwhile, we love to post more articles, helping more people with computer issues that other computer help websites cannot solve.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than knowing someone has saved themselves money or time by reading one of our articles, showing them how something can be done with the least effort.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have computer queries you’d like to see in a blog post.

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