We Write Articles That Help Troubleshoot Computer Problems Or Help Accomplish Tasks By Providing IT Consultancy Services To Other Businesses

Article Types

We provide articles that help troubleshoot, or show you how to do something, or how to repair hardware issues. This can be applied to all different types of machines.


All information helps you with any computer, and we focus on Windows and Mac. We are looking to expand to other operating systems in the future.


As you spend time figuring out how to fix or change things on computers, your knowledge grows, and so does your ability to handle anything that comes your way.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are a very small team, and as we grow, we will add each member to our list for full transparency.

Marlo Strydom

Marlo Strydom

Owner / Writer
Marlo has worked as an IT Professional, mainly as a Systems Engineer (which incorporated computer programming), for over 20 years. His passion for computers started at age 10, and he knew what he was put on this earth to do. He has also helped many businesses and customers solve IT-related problems. He has been the creator and primary author of Computer Info Bits since 2019.
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About How Our Content Helps

Avoid expensive repair costs by learning how to do it yourself

Follow our articles to learn more about fixing specific issues you may encounter and how all the various parts or operating system works to empower you to make your repairs. Your confidence will grow as you succeed, so you start to do more yourself and become a tech hero!

Helping you solve computer faults

We Hope To Create As Many Articles As We Can To Help More People

The various categories of articles are created to reveal the most relevant and helpful articles for the area you need to know about. The information is written in a way to help you identify the areas to look at to fix the specific issue.

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Step 1

Please read our article first, then take a moment to think about your problem and where your computer might have the issue.

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Step 2

Then, follow the guide in each tutorial to investigate each topic carefully to ensure you don’t overlook something that might be the cause.

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Step 3

Take action. Know that you have the potential cause figured out. Try doing the necessary maintenance to fix the problem as outlined.

We are a IT consultancy company that provides tailored solutions to businesses. We also provide informational content about computers.

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